Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Mysteries of Tea I

Welcome to Tea Mysteries, today we take the basic rules:
1.-We must be punctual, every Sunday there is a section written for the Mysteries of Tea.
2.-If any new idea occurs tea write it in a comment, the one I like the publish.
3.-Take tea and discover its secrets is an important thing, but do not take it whole, just crazy.
4.-Only if you can read a little, or too crazy.
5. - Our assistant preeciada Madeline Hatter is a friend and you have to learn how to teach their tea mysteries.
6.-Although intrigued ye have to wait for the next post, with patience. 

7 . - If any Sunday I go head and do not write in section I hope you forgive me.

We must be positive and a little crazy!

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