Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Mysteries of Tea II: How I discovered the tea

Hello, today our dear friend Madeline Hatter tell us how he discovered tea.
Thanks Estrellita, well, do not lose your head over and begin to narrate my story:

At birth I lived with my mother because my father estabamuy busy at Wonderland to listen. In my second birthday, my father came to pick me up and took me to Wonderland. That same day I gave a set of cups, plates and other, completely! and ...He invited me for a cup of tea! When I tried it, no, more like when the tea touched with her ​​warmth my lips, I felt something inside me urged me to take it again and again. But then, in the moomento in which I was taking my second cup, my father stopped me and told me to stop, because in the future would have to take a lot of tea and above all give many tea parties. Since that day I do not miss even once when tea, and so, and just for that I'm happy with my destiny.

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