Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Mysteries of Tea III: Preparing a nice tea party

(Madeline) (As you read, imagine Maddie from one place to another in a large room)

Hello, Hello, Hello. Super'm very busy, Sunday comes I will give a tea party and I would like you all to come forth and invitáseis your friends to have tea in the blog.
A new teapot, yes. Five thousand cups of colors, yes. The table ready, yes.
Hello, Hello. Do you know how hard it is to prepare a tea party when you get tea on the day of the party. In other Blondie has been here for the news interview and party the whole institute.
The tablecloth with cups, yes. My new suit next to the teapot, yes.
The chairs ready, yes.
Hello, thank goodness that Raven has been here to help me, if I could not have cut three hundred paper cups to decorate the room.
Balloons, yes. Invitations, yes. Paper to make drawings, NO?!
Goodbye, I can not talk more I have to go buy more paper. Bye, bye.

(Note: I posted Mysteries Tea today because tomorrow I can not write)

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