Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Mysteries of Tea IV: After a Tea Party I

After a Tea Party

Hi, I'm Estrellita, today we will interview Madeline Hatter to know what the next day as tea party ...
(Maddie interrupts)
Estrellita Hi, sorry but now I will not be able to assist you because I'm so tired.
I wish you luck finding another wonderful news.
Ah, okay. Now what do I do? How do I fill this gap in the ssección? Ah, well, seguis reading, and find something.
(After a while)
Hello, very good. Madeline has rested and will grant us this interview, VIVAAA!! (I run almost exclusively)
Here you have the questions and their answers:
1. - How was the party?
Maddie.-Magnfica, has been like tea.
Two. - Was there a problem?
Maddie. - No, it was a quiet party and TEA-Astica.
Three. - How many people were in your party?
Maddie. - No I have not the slightest Tea, hahaha. But I will respond with this: A lot!

Wait! Where are the other questions?
Papers?? Any questions? Are you out there?
Goodbye, I have to find those questions.
I'll see the faces papers ...


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